Trademark Search Report & Registration

The fixed fee for providing the Legal Services is $499 for upto 2 classes, plus the government filing fee for a single application. In most cases, trademark applicants fall within the per class $250 fee level. This fee is for one trademark (each application can only claim exclusivity in a single trademark) in upto 2 classes and is multiplied by the number of international classes in which the mark is applied. For every additional class the legal fee would be $99 for each additional class plus the govt. filing fee. There are 34 international classes for products, ranging from cosmetics to tshirts to food to computers, and 11 international classes for services, including educational, consulting, medical, and business services. Other classes exist for unique types of marks, namely, collective membership organizations and certification marks.

Please note that the above fee is payable in U.S. Dollars. 




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